Why Viessmann?

Celebrating four generations of innovation, invention, and creating a better future

Driving a comfortable, sustainable future for 100+ years

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, cooling and climate control technology. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 12,000 employees and generates 2.25 billion Euro in annual group turnover. With 22 production divisions in 11 countries, subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann is an internationally orientated company. Viessmann U.S. provides a comprehensive range of state of the art heating products, from  wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boilers, floor-standing oil or gas-fired hot water heating boilers, solar thermal systems, control technology and direct hot water storage tanks – all designed to achieve superior performance, reliability, ease of installation, and energy savings. From best-in-class build quality to unmatched lifecycle cost, we’re committed to creating products that are built to last.

Our Brand Values


Our relationship with customers is cooperative and fair with the aim of achieving mutual success. Our employees are offered genuine opportunities for professional development.


We are committed to fulfilling our economic, ecological and social responsibilities. Our aim is to protect the climate and to preserve the natural basis of life.


We are the technological pacemakers in our sector and will continue to shape developments in this industry in the future.

These Viessmann company principles were formulated for the first time in 1966. They were, and still are, an important contributing factor to our success. In order to keep our company culture up to date with the enormous changes brought about through digitalization, these core principles were revised in 2016. It is our declared aim to strengthen creativity and individual responsibility in the company and thereby encourage innovative capacity and the rapid implementation of good ideas. These values guide our actions each and every working day.

Leading by example
Sustainability in action

For decades, we have been putting into practice the concept of integrated environmental protection along the entire value chain. We make sure environmental protection is integrated into our processes and products, and give it top priority to help prevent ecological damage. Environmental management, which has been implemented for a number of years, organizes and monitors the application of our environmental policy.

In order to avoid environmental pollution, the activities and processes as well as new products and equipment are assessed in advance for their environmental compatibility. The effects on the environment are regularly assessed and, wherever possible, reduced to a minimum.

Raw materials are used sparingly and processed into the products as completely as possible with the least possible use of energy. Unavoidable emissions and waste are reduced to a minimum wherever economically justifiable.


With our ViPRO network, you will find a range of local, independent contractors that have taken part in the Viessmann Academy. With an increasing demand for high-efficiency heating and renewable energy solutions, it is essential for heating professionals to keep pace with the latest technological advances and current market trends.

First established to meet this demand, the Viessmann Academy offers a broad range of seminars covering our complete line of advanced heating technology. Our practical training does more than simply help our trade partners meet the needs of today’s changing heating market – it also prepares them to become leaders within their industry.

As technology changes, so too do the courses offered at the Viessmann Academy – and the way we deliver them. Webinars, training videos and other online resources will play an increasingly important role at the Viessmann Academy as we take advantage of web-based technology to offer greater flexibility and improve access to training.

Sharing our knowledge

Viessmann Academy
Keeping winter cool
Sports Sponsorship
More and more the seasons are getting out of balance. Snow-covered pistes and bitter cold in winter are no longer a guarantee. Instead, the snowfall line continues to retreat. In deeper layers the sticky mud dominates instead of the white splendor. This has consequences for the winter sportsmen – and of course for the fans. To send out a signal, we have launched the initiative “Wir sind #Winterfans – We are #Winterfans” as a partner of winter sports for more than 20 years. Together with athletes and partners from society, politics, business and science, we develop solutions for a more sustainable winter sport. While we cannot stop climate change and its impacts, we can raise awareness among all stakeholders and provide environmentally friendly technologies that will benefit tomorrow’s generations.