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Vitodens 200 Cascade Controls

Frequently asked questions and answers

Integrated Cascade Controller

A: Yes, the new Vitodens 200 supports an integrated cascade function.

A: Depends on the input, maximum will be 15.

A: Lag boilers will continue operating at a fixed predefined boiler water set-point. Pumps cannot be automatically or remotely reassigned to another boiler.

A: For new Viessmann commercial boilers (not part of the initial Vitodens 200 release) we plan to provide an interface that allows to integrate existing boilers with Vitotronic controller into the new Viessmann commercial floor stand boiler cascade.

A: ViStart guides and simplifies the cascade setup as follows:

  • Setting up the boiler sequence configuration options:
  • based on the defined “CAN-Bus network device IDs”
  • based on a specifically defined "Cascade device IDs"
  • Setting Start / Stop conditions for additional boilers (e.g. call next boiler if output exceeds 30%)
  • Run time Optimization Options - resorting the boiler start / stop sequence
  • Based on a defined run time limit for the “cascade led boiler” (e.g. 500 operating hours)
  • Based on a defined time period (e.g. resort sequence once a week or once a month)
  • Setting up the lead boiler for dedicated DHW production

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