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Mechanical Drawings

Installation & General Information

A: Yes.

A: Common venting is available for the Vitodens 200, and it is currently not planned for the Vitodens 100.

A: Our boilers will be able to compensate this due to the included mass-flow sensor as part of Lambda Pro Plus.

A: Stay tuned - this information will be shared once the Technical Documentation will be created.

A: Mainly, yes.

A: "Plus" includes a mass flow sensor which is used to compensate influences of gas type, wind, vent length or high altitude to maintain rated input.

efficiency and performance

Efficiency and Performance

A: AFUE 95

A: With our next gen. Lambda Pro Plus combustion technology. We will even offer an ultra low NOx version going down to 9pm with the Vitodens 200.

A: Fuel type selection will be done during commissioning via ViStart or on the HMI. No hardware modification necessary.

A: The gas valve is integrated in the fan.

A: Various stainless steels are used. Different components have different requirements regarding corrosion resistance, form-ability during production, etc.

All components of the heat exchanger are made of stainless steel (incl. front and back plate).

A: It is a two-stage heat exchanger

A: Yes.

Lambda Pro Plus

Lambda Pro Plus

A: An algorithm is stored in the controller. The boiler carries out a calibration independently depending on the operating conditions.

A: No. It is essential for combustion control and safety.

Yellow safety first road sign with rivets on a white background

Safety Information

A: Yes


85 MBH: 1:6

120 MBH: 1:9

149 MBH: 1:7

199 MBH: 1:9

A: 6,3 A

A: The gas valve does not come into contact with any condensate. The controls on the floor are water protected.

A: No.

A: Vitodens 200 will offer an input to connect a low gas pressure enable to it.

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