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A: We are following the strict European data privacy laws and we have a certification from a 3rd party agency who tried to hack our system. All data is stored separately from the user and contractor and linked with a state of the art user management that brings it only together on the actual front end from the user. At Viessmann, nobody is able to see which data points belong to which customer.

A: That would be our Viessmann thermostat Vitotrol and our ViCare end customer app. This is already available if you want to try it out, it also has a demo mode if your boiler is not connected yet. If you want to connect it, you need an external gateway called Vitoconnect which supports all boilers with the V-plug at the front of the boiler.

A: This is still under development, but from our already launched Vitoguide service in Germany we have tons of ideas - stay tuned!

A: We are still evaluating this.

A: Yes, legacy support is key of our new approach to the value added services portfolio.

A: Yes, current boilers will be supported, but not with all features. For instance, Guided Troubleshooting requires the new generation controls platform to work.

A: It is based on Big Data algorithms developed by our Big Data engineering team in close cooperation with the boiler development team and tech service. We have hundreds of thousands of collected boilers and the swarm data they provide are the basis for such recommended predictive maintenance suggestions.

A: Very well. ViCare and its features are tailored to the end user, Vitoguide is tailored to the features only a contractor would need. ViCare will also be the tool to grant remote access to the contractor.


ViPlan - Boiler Commissioning as Efficient as You.

A: The QR code for ViPlan was the initial idea, we're working on a much better solution already. The commissioning code will be released by the "Designer" to the installer once the installation has been confirmed.

A: Yes to both.

A: The boiler will do this as good as technically possible. If no sensor available, it will ask for confirmation during commissioning to ensure a fit of design and actual installation.

A: Contractors, wholesalers or sales reps. Whoever has the planning expertise in the process.

A: Wiring and piping diagrams will likely be available in subsequent updates, however not available in the beta version.

A: Not currently, but we will take it under advisement.


Intuitive. App Based. Boiler Commissioning

A: Via WiFi, directly connected to the boiler which opens a hot spot for the connection. No internet connection necessary for using ViStart.

A: ‚ÄčAll new boilers, including cascades.

A: Remote change of data points will of course be possible, not with ViStart though. Vitoguide will be the tool for that.

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