Vitocell 300 EHA

Features and Benefits

The Vitocell 300 EHA delivers reliable hot water and fast, even heating with large-diameter 1.25″ non-finned heat exchanger coil A range of sizes are available to meet a range of home and family requirements.

Vitocell 300 EHA tanks offer minimal standby losses and extremely low operating costs thanks to highly effective foamed-in-place or wrap-around HCFC-free insulation.

Corrosion-protected high-alloy stainless steel tank provides high levels of protection and reliability, and no sacrificial anode requirement reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

The Vitocell 300 EHA is certified to CSA Low Lead Content Certification Program; including US Safe Drinking Water Act, NSF/ANSI 372 as well as other applicable US State requirements.

Technical Information

Standard Limited Warranty for Residential Applications. Viessmann provides this Warranty only to the original end user purchaser (the “Owner”) of a Viessmann Stainless Steel Indirect-Fired Domestic Hot Water Tanks.

Vitocell 300-H
Front view
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Inside view
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