Vitodens 222-F

Features and Benefits

The Vitodens 222-F offers all-in-one heat and hot water from a single, compact unit. Low NOx version available for homes with greater environmental requirements. 

The Vitodens 222-F is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere, with a built-in 26 gallon hot water storage tank.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 23.6″ x 64.2″ x 23.4″

The Vitodens 222-F offers up to 98% energy efficiency at full modulation, exceeding Energy Star requirements. 

Simplified installation allows for reduced install costs and easy maintenance.

Technical Information

Standard Limited Warranty for Residential Applications. Viessmann provides this Warranty only to the original end user purchaser (the “Owner”) of a Viessmann Stainless Steel Hydronic Heating Boiler.

Vitodens 222-F_FRONT
Front view
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Vitodens 222-F_cutaway
Inside view
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